Children's consignment - Boomerang Kids

In order to improve the business, owner's of Boomerang required 3 things:

1) some custom interior displays for their unique needs.

2) an intake area for staff to quickly process customers dropping off consignment items.

3) a separate Sales area located to improve customer flow. 

Funktional Design was able to provide solutions for all three, improving the business.  The client was able to carry these solutions forward to the opening of 2 more stores.



Site and Key plan

layout drawing

Canada POst Corporate Flagship

Philatelic section of STN k

Kiddie Kobbler Store

In order to fit-up the interior of their new location, Funktional Design assisted with code-compliant and SB-10 compliant Permit Drawings. As part of the project deliverables, FD also engaged Mechanical Engineers to satisfy the required HVAC, Electrical and Fire Sprinkler sytems necessary to complete the project.


Telus Hunt Club location

Code compliant Fit-up drawings for the Telus franchisee's interior of their new location. FD co-ordinated the work of Mechanical Engineers to satisfy the required HVAC + Electrical requirements for Permit.


Canada Post (CPC) Retail Stores

Pictured here is Stn K, Canada Post's award winning Corporate Flagship (2002 Retail Council's Excellence in Retailing Award) in Toronto. Working with Retail Design, CPC's in-house team, Renzo assisted in the layout, fixture and display design, merchandising and project implementation of this effort to advance Canada Post's ability to capitalize on potential new opportunities for its Retail Stores. The intention was to consolidate the "Leverage the Network" strategy and five new and disctinct prototype products/services into a strong physical solution. Renzo had a particular emphasis on the Philatelic (stamp collectables) section, Business Services and Impulse/Information (concentrated in to the POS area) of the store. 


Atelier Restaurant - 540 Rochester St Ottawa

More customers than room! The client purchased the building in which the restaurant operated and needed to create a rear addition to expand the kitchen. The dining room needed to expand to the 2nd floor of the building to accommodate the growing popularity of the restaurant.

Heidi Helm from Urbanomics Interiors created a dramatic new interior design and Funktional Design specified the structural changes and Exterior Design, then created the Construction / Permit drawings for the project.