OOPS, things don't fit anymore!

As Canada Post replaced their Point of Sale (POS) system, it became necessary to replace the counter system as well. This also allowed a perhaps overdue update that improved the aesthetics, reduced the cost; eased the installation and increased the durability of the retail counters. Renzo was part of a small team of industrial designers and project managers that did the research, specified the design and integrated the new furniture into Canada Post's nearly never-ending process to manage and update their network of approximately 7,000 stores. The drawing shows the old (left) versus the new design.

Dome in a box

Under Development: This project, involving other entrepreneurs, is to develop an economical dome structure that is simple to manufacture, ship, and assemble so it can be used by business's and individuals alike for commercial use or for storage and growing season extension use. Funktional Design's role will be to develop, test and specify the connector and panel designs.