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Old Ottawa South custom home

A custom contemporary two story home. This discerning client worked with Renzo to create a limestone clad modern 3200 sq.ft. home with a dramatic full window-wall facing west at the split of the building. Build date TBD (2016 ?). More images/info here.

Upper storey addition, Navan ON

This project involved the addition of a 2nd storey and a complete new look, turning a plain building to a handsome and elegant one. The client also added a funky new porch and plus 2-storey foyer to both add elegance and improve the buildings ability to manage the needs of a family. To  be built 2015-16. Colour images and more here.


Addition and Renovation, Ottawa

The client was intent on staying in their beloved neighbourhood. They purchased a tired 1 1/2-storey building (950 sq.ft) and had Funktional Design assist them in adding a 3-bedroom / 2 bath second storey to create a 1700 sq.ft. home suitable for the family. Many exterior treatments were explored and in the end they stayed with a contemporary Arts/Crafts look but settled on different colours than originally specified. Completed 2011. More photos/drawings here.

Apartment addition

In order to improve their investment, the owners of a 2 unit building added a third unit in the main building. refreshed the existing two and required a design for an addition housing 3 more apartments. The 'refresh' of the 2nd floor unit involved adding the third storey as a loft. The addition design allows for more parking as well as yard space and decks at the rear plus a rooftop patio to create a 6-unit building with easy-to-rent attractive apartments. Main building renovation completed 2014; Client currently finalizing financial backing for the addition - Build date TBD. See more here.

Whole house renovation, Ottawa

In order to move into the neighbourhood of their preference, this family bought a tired house and then, working with Funktional Design, made it their own. Through renovation of the main floor and expanding the upper to be a full storey, the existing 2 bedroom, 950 sq. ft. home expanded to a 3 bedrooom plus den 1800 square feet. The extrerior was completely transformed as well. More here.

Addition that pays the mortgage!

A small addition with a big impact. The apartment addition not only looks cool, provides a great outdoor deck for the main occupant, but it allows the owner to reduce monthly mortgage payments almost to nil. The small footprint provided a fun and interesting design challenge as well. This Secondary Dwelling Unit is also a good solution for allowing elderly parents to live inexpensively and conveniently close to assistance, but allow them (and care-giving family!) their own private space. Photos and drawings here.